Thankful 3.2.1


We have been listening to your comments, suggestions and feedback and we are pleased to announce that thankful 3.2.1 is now available in the Apple App Store!


+ Big Data Stats! See how many reasons you have for being thankful by day, month, how many are favorites, and more historical data!
+ Search improvements for searching your thankful reasons or #thankful results from the world!
+ Paging improvements to see older reasons when you have hundreds of reasons to be thankful!
+ Want to copy a quote or inspiration? Long press on it and tap “Copy” to paste it wherever you wish!
+ Do you like thankful? There are now multiple ways for you to help support us through subscriptions or tips in the thankful store!
+ Rich Orange!


Check it all out at or get it now: View on App Store




“One man’s 7-year battle with cancer yielded gratitude, a ‘thankful app’ despite the hardships”
– Deseret News, November 25, 2013


The story behind “thankful” is a very personal one for our family and friends. We created “thankful” with our brother before his 7-year cancer battle ended. During his battle, he and his family wanted everyone to remember to be thankful for what is still good in the world, and to count all of the blessings we all have.


“Everybody has trials. Everybody has tragedies,” his wife says. “That’s why we come to this earth, and we came to a place where we realized we weren’t being picked on, that this was just the deal. …And so we found something that worked for us, and that was to count our blessings and to notice what was good. …It helped us be able to enjoy each other instead of being weighed down by all the fear, it helped lift us up.”


We hope that “thankful” reminds you to be #thankful, and also helps you to remember all of the many blessings in your life – no matter how seemingly small.


We are always #thankful for our brother and our family, and we are absolutely #thankful for you!


If you would like to see us improve “thankful”, please send us feedback at