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If you are interested in knowing a little background into the process that went into creating Magic Answers, read the information below.




We originally tried to keep the same ratio used by the original “Magic 8-Ball”.


In the standard Magic 8-Ball, there are 3 types of answers out of the 20 possible answers:


Positive Answers

  • It is certain ● It is decidedly so ● Without a doubt ● Yes definitely ● You may rely on it ● As I see it, yes ● Most likely ● Outlook good ● Yes ● Signs point to yes


Negative Answers

  • Don’t count on it ● My reply is no ● My sources say no ● Outlook not so good ● Very doubtful


Neutral Answers

  • Reply hazy try again ● Ask again later ● Better not tell you now ● Cannot predict now ● Concentrate and ask again



Or mathematically:

  • Positive = 10, or 50%
  • Negative = 5, or 25%
  • Neutral = 5, or 25%


We wanted to stay true to the original idea and keep this same ratio, but we also wanted to add more answers to make it more fun, entertaining, have more up-to-date language, and take advantage of a digital device instead of a physical limitation to the number of sides of a 20-faced die.


We added more answers to each of the 3 answer types, so Magic Answers has:

  • Positive = 44, or 50%
  • Negative = 22, or 25%
  • Neutral = 22, or 25%

So where Magic 8-Ball has 20 possible responses, Magic Answers has 88. That’s 4.4 times greater!


Thank you for using Magic Answers!

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